9KING Slots Guide: Keys of Winning at 20 Lines Online Slots

Keys of Online Slots Winning at 20 Lines Game

Slot machines can be found in casinos as it is one of the most popular casino games in the world, but now you can even play them using the Internet for convenience purpose and you can play it anywhere. Online slots are evolving at a rapid pace due to the advancement of technology and till this day there are many online casinos on the Internet. Slot machines are famous worldwide thanks to their vibrant graphics, sounds, lights and many more. This game has been popular for years and many players enjoy the pleasure of playing the slot machine as the rules are simple and straightforward. There are plenty of casino platforms but it is hard to differentiate those legal and illegal ones. 9KING has been in the industry for 3 years and it uses one of the best and latest technologies to ensure fairness in every game, we ensure that the customer’s safety is our top priority. In this article, 9KING will be guiding you on the tips on how to bet on winning lines as well as understanding the game more effectively and efficiently to prevent you from making simple mistakes.


Understanding the Paylines

The traditional type of slot machines usually has only three reels and one payline. It is when you have to match three symbols to win. But now as technology has evolved, the game has slowly evolved as well along the years. They can feature hundreds of lines but they are shown in different patterns such as horizontal, diagonal, zigzagging, V-shaped and vertical. Thus, there are potentially more winning combinations across all the lines but one of the most common types is the 20 paylines. It may seem complicated at first with all the lines on the screen but the gameplay is similar to the basic slot machine. As long as the same symbols are shown on the payline that you betted on, it is counted as a win for that specific payline. The more paylines means that there is a higher possibility of winning. Another important point to keep in mind is that when you check if you have a winning combination on a payline, you must understand that some slots paylines only pay for winning combinations from the left to the right. There are also other slots which still pays the winning combination regardless of the direction. Other times if you have a winning combination on a payline that you placed your bet on but haven’t been paid, it usually means that the symbols have not lined up.


Selecting Active Paylines

Choosing the number of paylines usually depends on which type of slot machine that the players chose. On some slots, the paylines are fixed which means that the players cannot deactivate any lines and they must play all of the lines given on each spin of the reels. The only things that the players can alter are the coin value and the number of coins they want to bet per line. 

If you want to play a slot with a jackpot that progressively grows, you are required to play all the lines and also place a maximum bet amount if you plan on winning a huge payout. 

There are a few types of strategy when playing slots. The first strategy that people do is activating some of the paylines and bet a few coins. It is recommended if the player wants to play it safe and also if the bonus symbol on the slots is not required to land on the active paylines to unlock the other features such as bonus rounds.

Furthermore, the number of paylines that the players have chosen to activate does not affect the payback percentage of the game. It is usually the same throughout whether you play any multi-payline slots. Another type of strategy that most players do is activating all the paylines and play two or more coins that are lower value per line. This makes it so that you increase your chances of hitting one or more winning combinations. The risk of playing with this strategy is that you can lose your money quickly.


Choosing the Right Multiplier

Most online slots have this feature which is known as a multiplier. It specifically multiplies a players’ winnings by the number of times the player has chosen for example if somebody was to place a bet of RM10 and select x2 on the multiplier and if the player manages to get a winning combination, they will get a return of RM20 back. Examples of multipliers that most slots consist of are two, three, four or five times. You should always adjust the number of coins per line and their coin value that is suitable for your overall capital.


Checking the Pay Table

If you want to understand how a specific slot works, you should always check the pay table which can usually be found in the home screen of the game. They will usually tell you all the details about how many paylines there are and how they would appear on the reels. Other than that, they will show all the winning combinations that they have and how much is the payout for different combinations.


Bonus Games


Multipliers usually will occur more often during the free spins and bonus games. When this happens, the chance of winnings that the players earned will be increased greatly as well as increasing the excitement. Depending on the slots, sometimes players can choose their desired multiplier amount they wish during the round of free spins.


Wild Multipliers


The main function of the wild image is to act as substitutes for the other missing images that are on the reels, this allows the player to complete their winning combinations. For example, if there are three wild images that appear on the reels, this enables the players to try and hit the three winning combinations. Sometimes, wild images can come with multipliers. In another example, if the player is playing a slot that states that the orange symbol plays the role of wild multipliers of 2x to their winnings. There are two apple symbols and you need to get one more apple to complete the combination. If the player manages to get an orange multiplier, it will not only form their winning combination but it also doubles their profits. On some other slots, scatter symbols can also represent the role of multipliers. Whenever there is a scatter multiplier on the reels and the player has a winning combination, this will increase their winnings by a specific number of times depending on what the multiplier is for the scatter symbol. In other cases, scatter symbols can usually unlock free spins or bonus games whenever they are on the reel.


Bet and Win Multipliers

There are some other types of multipliers that work in a different way. Those are the multipliers that can increase the pay line bet or the overall bet the players have placed. In these cases, it is the stake amount that is increased but not the winnings. Multipliers that increase the overall number of bets are proven to be really profitable as they can raise the players’ stakes on all the active pay lines.

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